Home Rental Geneva - By Silverline Relocations

Silverline Relocations has established itself as a complete relocation assistance provider in Geneva, Switzerland. We aim at making your relocation experience as simple and as stress free as possible.

We provide services for home rental Geneva, Switzerland. Our services can be availed by international organizations, private companies and individuals seeking relocation services to move to Switzerland. Our rental services comprise all the areas of renting a house. Our service of home rental Geneva, Switzerland will help you in finding the right accommodation while helping you with the contract, deposit, lease, utility services and much more.

Our rental services includes following steps:

» Establish housing requirements and fix up dates for house-hunting trip
» Area orientation for home
» Property search and selection and preparation of viewing programme
» Accompanied visits of rental properties
» Negotiations with agents and landlords - covering rental price, length of tenancy, date of entry, cleaning or    decorating requirements, wish list etc.
» Approval of rental agreement
» Check-in arrangements home rental Geneva

Rental Services - Assistance

While renting home in Geneva you should make up your mind, as Geneva is one of the busiest cities in the World where you will face a lot of difficulties in buying suitable accommodation matching your desires and necessities. Home rental objects are rare and the demand is high! You have to know where to look for and whom to contact! You should be quick in visiting and finalizing your home and rental arrangements in Geneva, otherwise your way may be too long to settle down.

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Other Service We Offer with Rental - Furniture and Interiors

We can coordinate the furniture renting for home and/or office, providing a comprehensive range of household or corporate furniture that can be rented on short term or long term basis through our suppliers. We do work with furniture specialists and interior design consultants to provide you the advice on some specific furnishing requirements.

Silverline Relocations offers home rental services in Geneva and other Swiss cities. We offer home rental services to international organizations, private companies and individuals.